Friday, August 07, 2020

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BioMotion Medical Systems Quality Standards from Design to Delivery

We believe that “high quality” means listening to the voices of our customers and assuring that the product we deliver surpasses their expectations, and each person at BioMotion Medical Systems, from the President to customer service, is committed to that fundamental philosophy. By supplying quality products and services, we have not only gained respect within the industry, we have turned our customers into longstanding, trusted partners.


The quality process begins in the Research & Development stage, where only the most advanced and reliable components are designed into the product. We have gone the extra step and incorporated many sophisticated features into our products, including industrial grade computers, intelligent motors, and medical grade switching power supplies. Very simply, by designing the best into our product, we can assure that our product is the best!


At BioMotion Medical Systems, we believe all manufacturing should be held to the same level of quality standards. We strive for zero defects and have proven systems in place to prevent them. To verify the integrity of our products, extensive testing and inspections are performed on the components, software and systems of each unit prior to delivery. 


After a device is accepted as a finished product, great care is taken to make certain it arrives at its final destination safely. A proprietary crating system has been developed to prevent damage along the way. This system also makes uncrating easy and hassle free. The products arrive on an air-ride equipped transport vehicle, and for oversees shipments we have air or container options to choose from.


With some companies, the relationship with the customer ends the moment the equipment is delivered. At BioMotion Medical Systems, we believe that is just the beginning. Our “Service after Sale” commitment is quickly becoming the gold standard within the medical equipment arena. Because of the high-technology built into our products, all units worldwide have real time monitoring capabilities, allowing for quick answers to your questions. If we can't answer your questions on the phone, rest assured we have a team of trained and certified  engineers at locations across the country. Tech support with diagnostics is only a phone call away, and someone is standing by ready to assist you 8am – 5pm EST Monday thru Friday, as well as emergency 24 hr. phone support if ever needed. It is not often that you will need our service department, but they are standing by should you need their assistance.